Poll: Men Pretend They’re Asleep When Afraid, Women Are Braver

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By Barry Burch Jr.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to hear a bump in the night, don’t be so sure that the person investigating will be the man. A recent poll has found that 1 in 5 men would be fully content with having their wife actually lead that mission all by herself

Hysterically (maybe depressingly would be more fitting), while in bed, 25% of men cloak themselves under the guise of sleep when they hear a strange noise. Though the survey only serves to show what makes sense in that a fifth of males do not attempt to hide the fact that their wives are braver than they are.

It’s tough being brave.

Women in these relationships are catching the hellish end of the stick as they suffer eleven sleepless nights each and every month. Men endure eight.

A total of 2,000 adults were surveyed; 4 in 10 said they had heard noises in the dark at some point in their house, warranting fears of a break-in. Despite the terror that creeps into the hearts of men, whatever the sound was, it usually ends up having a much deflated culprit, i.e. a cat, dog, thunder, phone, and so on.

The survey also reveals that two out of every three women have a nightly routine of checking all locks on the doors and windows in the house. This can lead to arguments as a job such as this begs some second guessing. With 44 percent of women and 20% of men claiming they often lie in bed wondering if they really reached every lock, a fifth of couples admit that debate then ensues as to who should get up and check.

A spokesman for security company Yale, which commissioned the survey, said, “Things that go bump in the night more often than not turn out to be false alarms. However, it is still important to ensure home security is a priority.”

Maybe the spokesman is right, that is, as long as he isn’t referring to men as home security.


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