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Oprah Always Wins: 9 Classic Beefs that Oprah has Had to Confront During Her Extraordinary Career

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It’s more than luck that Oprah’s last name starts with the letters “W-I-N,” because all she does is win.  Oprah has survived battles that are simply legendary, and has lived the life of a modern day Forrest Gump.  She knows everyone, controls millions of people and has more money than Barack Obama will ever have.

We decided to lay out a few classic battles that Oprah has had to fight in order to win the crown and keep it.  You might find the list interesting.  So, here it is, nine classic beefs that Oprah Winfrey has had to deal with over the last 30 years:

  1)      Hip-hop and Gangsta Rap:  The rappers 50 Cent, Ice Cube and Ludacris have claimed throughout the years that Oprah has a bias against hip-hop music, primarily for the way the genre has come to marginalize and disrespect women.  Although Winfrey appeared to become friendly with 50 Cent during a later interview, it’s not clear as to whether or not this beef has come to an end.  Ludacris claims that Winfrey didn’t want to invite him onto her show when he appeared in the film “Crash,” and also edited out some of his comments during the interview.

2)      The Beef Industry: One of Oprah’s biggest beefs was with the beef industry itself.   Back in 1996, Winfrey did a show about mad cow disease and on the show proclaimed that she was never going to eat another burger for the rest of her life.  She was then sued by Texas cattlemen, who claimed that Winfrey’s remarks hammered the price of beef into the ground, costing them $11 million.  After a two month trial over the matter, Winfrey once again emerged victorious.

3)      Obesity:  Winfrey’s weight loss, and gain, and loss and gain, were the subject of much speculation during the 1990s.  But as she approaches her 60th birthday, Winfrey appears to have established a healthy balance.  So, in the battle against obesity, we declare Winfrey to be the winner.

4)      Poverty:  Winfrey started off so poor in Mississippi that she once wore potato sacks as dresses.  Now, she wears dresses that cost as much as a small house.

5)      Drug abuse:  Oprah has admitted to drug abuse in the past.  These demons can take a lifetime to overcome, and we wish her well in this struggle.  But Winfrey claims that she won this battle, and we choose to believe her.

6)      Hillary Clinton:  Both Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party became salty with Winfrey when she jumped into American politics, endorsing then presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Winfrey delivered an estimated one million votes for Obama, and also lost a few million viewers in the process.  Republicans were also critical of Oprah for refusing to have Sarah Palin on her show.  But Winfrey did bring Palin on, after the election of course.

7)      The medical community:  Her open-minded approach to health and wellness can sometimes get Oprah into trouble.  One example is when she brought Suzanne Somers onto her show to talk about unconventional treatments for her cancer.   This led to criticism from medical experts that Oprah was convincing her audience to pursue unproductive health alternatives.

8)      Christianity:  Oprah has typically embraced unconventional ideologies, such as those presented by Eckhart Tolle in his book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.”  This led to criticism from Christians that Oprah has embraced false spirituality and new age teachings instead of more traditional religions.

9)      S-xual Abuse:  Oprah has regularly spoken of enduring s*xual abuse as a child.   She was raped at the age of nine and impregnated at the age of 14.  Despite her challenges, Oprah has risen to become one of the most powerful human beings on earth.  That’s what we call a comeback.


Oprah’s latest challenge was the creation of her own network, which she says was the hardest thing she’s ever tried to do.  But after two years of struggle, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is now strong and profitable, appearing to be headed for more great things.  Oprah just keeps on winning.