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Mom Who Killed Her Kids after Losing them in Custody Battle Begs for the Death Penalty

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Reported By: Britt L

According to KTLA 5 report, an Arizona mother accused of fatally poisoning her kids so she wouldn’t have to give them up to her ex-husband has asked a judge for the death penalty.  Appearing via webcam from Santa Ana’s Central jail, Marilyn Edge made the request to receive the death penalty during a court appearance Monday.

When the judge asked Edge about choosing an arraignment date, she replied “Only if you promise me the death penalty.”

Edge made the same request after the judge asked her again about the arraignment date. She eventually responded for her court date to be set to October 25.

“Death sentences would be assessed at the appropriate time,” said Senior Deputy District Attorney Sonia Balleste. Balleste is also the attorney who is prosecuting Marilyn during trial.

“The only death penalty  she’s been able to achieve successfully has been that of her children,” added Balleste.

Marilyn divorced her husband Mark Edge in 2007 and won custody of their two children, 10-year-old Faith and 13-year-old Jaelen when Mark was sent to Afghanistan.

This month, the judge cited “extreme parental alienation” on Marilyn’s part and ordered Mark full custody of the two children. Marilyn was ordered to send the children to Georgia over the weekend, but the kids never made it.

Marilyn allegedly killed Jaelen and Faith while on the run to California. Officers arrested the disturbed Marilyn after she rammed her car into an electrical box outside a Costa Mesa Home Depot September 14.

Officers say she was suicidal.

A police spokesperson said  “she was attempting to strangle herself with something around her neck,” when responding officers removed Marilyn from her crashed car.

Marilyn confessed that the two deceased children were at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Ana, California.

Officers found the kids bodies in a third-floor room.

Mark Edge’s attorney told Hollywood Laist that Mark was hospitalized for duress after finding out about the kids’ murders.

“It’s tragic. It’s just tragic … Never in our minds did we imagine that she’d murder them,” said Mark’s attorney.

Marilyn has been charged with two felony counts of special circumstances murder.

If convicted, Marilyn will get her wish and be assigned a death penalty.