Miley Cyrus Says She Is a Little “messed up” Unlike Her Disney Character Hannah Montana

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Miley-Cyrus twerkingBy Staff Blogger

Miley Cyrus cannot seem to keep herself out of the press as of late. From lyrics about narcotics to twerking on Robin Thicke at the VMAs on August 25th, Cyrus is going out of her way to show the world that she’s not a little Disney Princess anymore. Now she’s a grown woman who is free to do what she wants and twerk where she wants. The 20-year-old singer doesn’t claim that her recent behavior is normal. In fact, Cyrus admits that she is a tad “messed up.”

Cyrus attributes her abnormal behavior to her unusual life. Cyrus admits that she isn’t like her Disney character Hannah Montana and has never been. Although Cyrus portrayed a straight-laced teen girl on Disney, she believes that people have always been able to see right through her act.

As she has grown she has taken to social media, chopped off her locks and become mildly tatted up. Her hit song “We Can’t Stop” is indicative of her growth into adulthood. The summer anthem and the music video depict a whole new side of Cyrus’ career that has not been receiving much positive feedback. This is no longer the innocent Miley image that she used to profit off of. Now she’s a fully fledged bad girl who, according to her lyrics, both cannot stop and will not stop.

Cyrus even experienced backlash about her personal life during her time at Disney from parents and other critics. Cyrus says, “Parents wrote in with messages saying things like, ‘I can’t believe she spoke to her dad like that’ or ‘I can’t believe she wore that shirt’ or ‘I can’t believe the lead actress has boobs.’ It’s crazy. But they can’t make people not grow up.”

Regardless of the haters Cyrus has always pushed for her independence. From her mostly nude shoot photographed by Annie Leibovitz when Cyrus was 15-years-old to her recent antics on Twitter and the VMAs, outside of her Disney role, Cyrus has always had a fiery semi-private life. Hopefully Cyrus can make it through these growing pains to become a less “messed up” adult.