Ladies: Do We Overlook Short Men as Dating Options?

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Short Men Need Luv 2


by Madam Prezident

I was in 5th grade when I discovered I was standing above average height in comparison to my classmates. Although my peers were probably a few inches shorter than me, I’ve always enjoyed being “tall.” It was difficult for boys to appreciate my height as a pre-teen; young boys were always intimidated by girls that were taller than them.

Now that I’m a woman, I am still standing above average amongst my peers. I’m not the tallest woman in the world nor am I the shortest.  I don’t care to date men that are shorter than me, but some men view a woman that is taller than them as a tree climbing challenge. My experience with being the tall girl in the room is why I am going to love this new web series titled, “Short Men Need Luv 2.
The series stars former HBO actor Tray “POOT” Chaney in this hilarious look into the challenges, shortcomings, and mishaps of a former television star trying to re-establish his acting career while managing a confusing love-life.
Co-starring Keleeba Scott, Juul Jones, and Erica Wright, each of these very sophisticated and very tall (6’0″ and above) women have found themselves linked to Tray through career, congruence, and love. The intricate balance of all these relationships collapses when all is revealed in their place of common decompression…the psychotherapists’ chair — played by “Hoowdwinked” creator, Janks Morton.
Tune in every Monday morning this fall to view the web-based exclusive series that is guaranteed to give you a “mocku-mentary” and comedic look into celebrity, relationships, and of course the short-man’s-syndrome! The series is tentatively slated to debut in mid-October.

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