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Family in Shock as 1-Year Old Baby Shot While Resting in Baby Sitter’s Arms

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A 1-year old girl lost her life in a sad situation that took place this week in New Orleans.  Londyn Samuels was shot while lying in the arms of her babysitter, who was walking her home at the time of the incident.  The woman was also hit twice by bullets, in the neck and in the chest, according to police.

“Our community rallies up every time something terrible and tragic like this happens, so please, if you know anything — this happened at a time of the evening when there are people in the streets, there’s people on the street — call Crimestoppers,” NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas said.

“This is the time. This is when the people of New Orleans need to rally up, stand up and say, ‘This is what happened.’ Give us the information. Let us go make these people accountable for what they did,” Serpas said.

Londyn’s father, 20-year old Keion Reed, said that the sitter called him right after the incident took place.

“She said, ‘Kee, we got shot — me and Londyn,’” Reed told NBC News. ”In the back of my head, this is a bad dream I haven’t woken up from yet.”

Even sadder is that the little girl’s mother, Andrea Samuels, was working with a non-profit organization dedicated to trying to stop violence.

“She just loved being around me and her mama. She was our world, you know? She was the highlight of every day,” the baby’s father said.
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“She was always happy. When I was down, she would crawl in the bed with me and say, ‘Dada,’ and hit me in the face to make me smile.”

After police and the SWAT team got on the job, two women and one man were brought in for questioning on the murder of the small child.