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Entrepreneur Says Women Must Adjust Attitude For Business

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by Maria Lloyd

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with an African-American female entrepreneur named Lynn McFail. She’s the founder of Socially Scene, a social media consulting company that helps businesses increase and expand their social media presence. It’s always refreshing to attain an understanding of entrepreneurship from a Black woman because their race and gender are often discriminated against in business.

McFail currently services NBC Universal’s “Trisha Show” and “Maury” with their social media campaigns. Click on the logo (below) for more information about her services. You can check out my conversation with McFail underneath the company’s logo.


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On the challenges African-American female entrepreneurs face:

The top challenges for African-American women starting a business are money, time management and attitude. With any business, finding the money to start your company can be tough; however, becoming knowledgeable of government-funded programs like the Small Business Association, can really benefit your organization. As mothers, wives, daughters, etc. we have to learn to do things for ourselves using time management. The same time we devote to others we should also devote to our businesses.

 Finally, we must be able to check our attitudes at the door. This does not mean being passive but instead know the situation you are in and adjusting accordingly. As women, we can’t be afraid to be aggressive, say how we feel and ask for what we want.

On her inspirations:

I look up to my mom, grandmother and aunt because they showed me what it is like to own and operate a business. From day one, I learned from them how to work with people and enhance my business skills. In addition, I look up to all entrepreneurs because it takes a special type of person with a lot of motivation to own and operate a successful business.

Click below to listen to my interview with Lynn McFail