Boris Kodjoe Says Gaining Weight in a Marriage is an Unacceptable Deal Breaker

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This one is sure to scare the ladies into putting away the chocolate cupcakes.  Sex symbol Boris Kodjoe surprised his fans by recently stating that he believes that gaining weight during a marriage is unacceptable.  During an interview in preparation for his new film, “Baggage Claim,” the actor says spoke with Cherise Nicole about what he can’t tolerate in a relationship.

“Ok part of the deal is, you got to keep it sexay.  Got to keep it Hot.  Because it’s easy getting married, but it’s not as easy to stay married.  And part of that is, like, I make my wife, my girlfriend.  She’s my girlfriend.  So, we got to keep it sexay. If we keep it sexay, we keep it right, everything else falls into place.

“What if I gained 200 pounds? And then she’ll look at me like, really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around.  Because I took her off the market, so I have to deliver what the market could possibly deliver for her.  So, I gotta take that place. Right? So, I gotta fulfill those things that the market could’ve given her.  I’m the market now, so I got to keep it Hot and she has to do the same for me.”

This might make a lot of people upset.  But Brande Victorian at Madamenoire.com seems to think that Kodjoe is flat out wrong by making this sort of remark.  She asks:

What if your spouse was to develop a degenerative disease or be physically scarred in a car accident, would you leave then to find something better in the market? Most times when a person gains serious weight, there are serious reasons behind it and if a man isn’t willing to stick by his woman and help her work through those issues, he probably didn’t need to get married in the first place.

Maybe that’s the problem, he shouldn’t get married, since so many women want him anyway.  Putting degenerative disease and tragic car accidents to the side, most people just gain weight because they’re lazy.  So, does that mean that it’s OK to take your mate for granted, assuming that because you’ve nailed the person down, you get to keep them forever?  Maybe that’s a little naive.

Always remember that if you don’t do your job at home, someone else might be out there applying for the job without you even knowing it.