Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Wants $1.2 Million to Cover Child Support for the Next 13 Years

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Former NBA star Allen Iverson has a lot of problems.  Since he stopped playing in the league, he has been hit with allegations of alcoholism and serious irresponsibility.  One of the people who has fought with him tooth and nail over the years is his wife, Tawanna.

According to TMZ, Tawanna is asking Iverson to pay up all child support that he owes her for the next 13 years:  $1.2 million dollars.   So far, Iverson has been asked to pay $8,000 per month in child support, but hasn’t been coughing up the money.  Tawanna apparently feels that she’d better get what she can out of him because he loses everything he’s got.

A judge recently told Iverson that if he didn’t handle his business on child support, he might be sent to jail.  At that time, he owed $40,000.  By asking for a lump sum payment, Tawanna believes that she can avoid the problem of having to keep going back to Iverson to get the money that he owes her.

Tawanna wants the money to be put into a trust for her children.  The court hasn’t ruled yet on whether or not they are going to grant her request.

Iverson, whose nickname was “The Answer,” is the only player to be named by the Associated Press as the national highschool player of the year in both football and basketball.  He also set a scoring record while playing at Georgetown, and was also Big East Defensive Player of the Year.  In the NBA, he average 29.7 points per game during the playoffs, which is only second to Michael Jordan.