Teen Nurse Lured To Her Death After Pregnant Wife Promises Virgin For Her Husband

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Reported By: Britt L

Seventeen-year-old Chinese nurse intern Hu Yixuan was allegedly lured to her death by a pregnant woman who was looking to use Hu to have sexx with her husband.

The pregnant woman, known as “Tan” in the neighborhood, faked collapsing in the middle of the street in Jiamusi city, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. Teenage Hu helped Tan to her home, where Tan’s husband met them at the door.

Little did Hu know, her heroic deed would lead her into a sexx-binged death trap.

Tan’s husband offered Hu yogurt that was spiked with sleeping pills, and knocked her semi-unconscious.

The man, who has remained nameless, attempted to rape Hu, but the innocent teen was conscious enough to fight him off.

As Hu struggled to fight Tan’s husband, the couple simultaneously suffocated Hu with a quilt and stuffed her body in a black suitcase.

The couple then buried Hu in a rural area, according to the Heilongjiang Morning Post.

Neighbors of the couple claims that the two had been separated because Tan was caught sleeping with another man. Tan promised to make up her infidelity by offering to find her husband a virgin to have sexx with.

The couple were arrested Sunday, and Tan has confessed to murder.

CCTV cameras show Tans husband carrying a suitcase containing Hu’s body to a car before it was driven off to be buried.

Tan is currently awaiting in a police guarded hospital, expecting to give labor any day now.