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Teacher Accused of Sleeping with a Student in the Classroo

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Bridget Miller, a 39-year old teacher at the Chicago Vocational Career Academy, has been charged with having intercourse with one of her 17-year old male students and she’s being held on a $150,000 bail.

According to reports, Miller obtained the young man’s cell phone number from another student in the school and the two began to text each other on a regular basis. The two texted each other s*exually explicit material before they began having actual s*xual relations.

The first time they slept together, March 17, the pair met behind a Walgreens Drug Store for their clandestine romantic rendezvous. Then on March 22, the couple got “cozy” in Miller’s classroom. Miller has been charged with criminal s*exual assault and resigned from the Chicago Public School District on June 1 after the allegations came to light. Miller was a medical technology teacher at the school and the student was on the roster in her class.

Miller appeared in court on Friday and some say that she appeared dazed. Her lawyer Edward Malone maintains that his client is innocent of the charges against her and that she is mother of three children that also works as a medical assistant in addition to working for the school.

What are some things that you think can be done to prevent incidents like this from occurring in schools?
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