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Tameka Foster Continues Tweeting Son’s Recovery, Preps for Another Custody Battle

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Tameka Foster, while she is getting a lot of attention for her public custody battles with ex-husband Usher Raymond, is also a mother in pain.  She lost her son a year ago, and nearly lost another one in a swimming accident a month ago.  On top of that, she’d already lost custody of her children.

Tameka is turning to Twitter to keep others in the loop on her son’s recovery from his injury during the swimming accident.  Usher Raymond V nearly drowned after getting his arm stuck in a drain.  He has been in the hospital and his mother has been by his side.

Foster sent out a picture of her son with his older brother, Ryan Jr.

“Don’t ask me about the box cut on @rg2point0 w/his hyper brother. #KidNPlay #OldSchool #Family #Myhearts” she tweeted.

Her son’s nickname is Cinco.  She sent out another picture with this caption:

“Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry. Watching Fresh Prince… What does he know about the Fresh Prince?
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Intense face. Lol”

Tameka has other problems as well.  She and her ex-husband are about to go into yet another custody battle.  Tameka filed an emergency request for custody after the accident, but the judge ruled in Usher’s favor.

On top of that, Usher wants his child support payments to be reduced.

According to TMZ: “Usher says that child-support amount is from an old agreement and hasn’t been changed since he was granted primary custody last year. He says he’s been overpaying the last seven months and wants a judge to remedy the situation.”