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Seven Things That You Do On The Regular That Men Find Attractive

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Reported By: Britt L

Sex appeal has been exercised by women everywhere. Flashing cleavage, sporting butt pads and even longer weaves were believed to catch a mans attention. But the truth is, all of the miscellaneous  things women do to become more attractive isn’t what captures a mans attention.

According to a survey done by Reddit, men were asked what are some things that women do that they find irresistible or, down right sexy. The answers were more innocent than sexual. Surprising right?

Ladies, these 7 normal things you do on the regular that might seem tiny to you, makes your man or men around you all the more attracted.

1. The Putting-On-Tight-Jeans Dance

In the early morning, when you’re both preparing for the day ahead, you struggle to wiggle into those too tight jeans, but that’s something your man would love to see. Something about grunts and frustration and watching you take 10 minutes squeezing into a size six when you’re an eight, melts the coldest of hearts in a man.

2. Stretching

Stretching can give your man something to look at, especially if you’re bending over or showing extreme flexibility.  Also, having your arms stretched in the air, back arched and head up gets your man rattled, so go and try some yoga with him!

3. Flipping Of The Hair

This is probably the most deliberate and seductive gesture on this list. Almost every romantic comedy makes light of how some women have a patented way of flipping their hair to get a man’s attention. Slow strokes of the fingers through luscious locks? How is that NOT sexy?

4. Sneezing

In general, men are rough, callous, dirty, unkempt, hairy and lumbering. So it should come as no surprise that much of what they find so attractive in women is, well, their opposite attributes: their grace, tenderness and smoothness. And nowhere is that contrast more apparent than when you sneeze. Men tend to sneeze loudly and powerfully, like miniature volcanoes bursting; women, on the other hand, tend to have high-pitched, endearing sneezes.

5. Biting The Lips

Spend time in coffee shops or college libraries and just observe women (in as un-creepy a way as you can manage), and you will see the famous lip bite. Many a heart has been melted, songs written and duels fought, over this small, thoughtless gesture. The lip bite indicates want, and desire.

6. Touching Gently

Think of the first time you touched your boyfriend or husband. It was sensual right? Not an accidental brushing of arms but something deliberate, infused with sexual tension and romantic potential. How do you women do it?

7. Putting Hair In Ponytail

Weird, but yes. Men are so used to seeing women with their hair up, prim and proper. But it’s something about a girl dressing casual and comfortable that makes a man comfortable as well.

Now that we’ve let the cats out of the bag, don’t try too hard to incorporate all of the secrets into your everyday routine. It’s the natural motions that catch your man’s eye.