Sad: Baby Born with Melon-Sized Tumor in Her Mouth – Doctors are Baffled

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The tumor, which is comparable to the size of  a cantaloupe melon, has taken over most of the left side of baby Miley’s face.  “This mass is all on the inside of her mouth, down her throat,” her father, Russell Bibee told news station, WSMV.  “It’s got her tongue pushed over to one side, and her mouth is just filled with mass.”  Bibbee said the tumor also reaches along the baby’s shoulder and back.

Doctors near to the family’s home in Springfield, Tennessee said the tumor, which  is believed to be linked to her thyroid, is so rare that they only know of  150 cases.  Every four weeks they have been injecting the mass with medicines.  Nothing has worked thus far.

Doctor’s are hesitant to commence surgery; however, for fear of permanently affecting Miley’s facial expressions or damaging nerves.  There are also concerns about affecting her thyroid.  Miley’s parents said they first noticed something was wrong when the mass appeared in the ultrasound.  “It’s something I’ve never seen before,” Mother, Chelsea Buchanan said to the Tennesean.  “It’s just so hard because I would like to sit all night with Miley and just hold her.  But, times are so hard and I can’t be there [with] her.”

The couple also care for another two-year old girl and Bibee’s two children, aged six and 10, from a previous relationship.

Bibee made headlines in 2011 when the mother of  the two children, Candice Owens, was shot dead on the front porch of a home in the  neighborhood.

“We’ve had the hardest luck you can imagine  for the last few years,” he said.  ‘Things were looking pretty good for me and  Chelsea for a while and then this happened.  You want the best care and help for your  baby that you can get, but it’s hard when you’re poor. I don’t know what else to  do.”

Both parents are deeply concerned about being  able to afford baby Miley’s extended hospital stay.  While the treatment is covered by insurance,  the couple struggles to pay for gas, hotel rooms and meals as they stay  as close as possible to their new daughter.  ‘It’s sort of like the doctors are fighting a  never-ending, never-winning battle with this,’ Bibee said.

To donate, a Miley Buchanan Fund has been set  up at Regions Bank.