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Mother Bites 16-Year-Old Daughters Brea$t In Argument About Daughters Baby

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Reported By: Britt L

There is a real life mommy dearest on the loose in Vero Beach, Florida, according to reports from The Smoking Gun. Indian River County authorities have confirmed that Joy Young, 38, committed a sickening act that would leave anyone pretty grossed out.

Young and her 16-year-old daughter, LaCrystal Simmons, got into a nasty argument about LaCrystal’s two-month-old baby girl late July. According to LaCrystal, her mother Joy was attempting to receive social security checks for her newborn baby.

LaCrystal of course refused her mothers “get rich quick” scheme. In a conversation with Joy about the idea, the situation instantly escalated.

However, Young denies LaCrystal’s claims and says that the argument was actually about LaCrystal’s party girl behavior getting in the way of her parenting. Young claims that she takes care of the child, while LaCrystal goes out to paint the town every night.

According to the authorities, the mother-daughter duo’s altercation became physical. The mother allegedly repeatedly scratched her 16-year-old daughter and then bit her on the right brea$t in the nipple area. LaCrystal’s skin was then torn and bled.

Police that arriving on the scene reported that LaCrystal “has visible scratches on her face and also had a large blood stain on her shirt,” possibly from where her mother bit her.

Young was taken into custody and charged with child abuse. She was later released from jail on her own recognizance, but was scheduled for court August 20.