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Kids Say Michelle Obama’s Lunches “Taste Like Vomit”

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by Aubrey Smith

First Lady Michelle Obama has made some big changes in today’s cafeterias. Wheat bread, skim milk, and non-fat strawberry and chocolate are all on the menu. Although all these changes are healthy, kids have begun to reject the lunches, and complain that it’s not enough food for the day. Kids in Harlan County have complained that the food, “taste like vomit,” Because of the changes most kids are throwing the items that seem “nasty” in the trash instead of eating them, which causes the school to lose money.

However the kids aren’t the only ones complaining. Parents are outraged saying, “Kids can’t learn when they’re hungry!” High schools students get 850 calories, middle school students get 700 calories, and the elementary students get 650 calories per lunch. Carbohydrates have been restricted to three-fourths of a cup per student, and only one serving of protein. However if you have extra money you may buy another portion of meat.

Jack Miniard, Harlan County District of Director of school and community nutrition, explained that the federal government is now in control of the food and portions, so there is nothing he can do. Although some schools have the money to back out of the program, most must follow the guildlines of the nutrition plan.

Despite all the opposition, David H. Freedman, contributing editor for The Atlantic, seems to think that the lunch programs are not all bad, but were implemented too fast:  “We need to be a little smarter about it, and lower the bar, and offer people more support so they could make smaller, more gradual steps.”

Aubrey Smith is current a sophomore in high school. When she graduates she plans to also obtain her associates degree along with her high school diploma. After graduation she plans to attend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and she plans to major in English, and pursue a career as a Screen Write.