Horrible: AZ Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Throwing Boiling Water On 4-Yr-Old Son

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bad_parentsBy: Britt L

An Arizona woman faces child abuse charges after police say the mother scolded her 4-year-old son with boiling water and neglected to seek him medical attention for two weeks.

The unnamed toddler suffered severe burns on his arm, shoulder, back and legs when his mother, Joscilin Smith, 28, threw a pot on the boy’s father. As a heated argument got violent, Joscilin jolted the pot at her boyfriend Aaron Roland. Some water from the pot splashed on the witnessing 4-year-old. Roland was treated immediately at a hospital for burns on his buttocks and back, but the child was not taken to the hospital.

The child suffered from second-degree burns to eight percent of his body.

Neighbors of the ruthless couple tipped off officers, stating that the couple who had six other children were abusing their kids.

After Josclin and Aaron apply for a welfare check from Child Protective Services, police were sent to their home for a routine check up on the children.

When police asked about their missing child, Aaron and Josclin said the boy was staying with relatives. In a search of the house, police found the four-year-old curled up in a bedroom closet. Authorities asked about the child’s burns, and the parents claimed the boiling pot was accidentally knocked over as a response.

Josclin and Aaron were taken into questioning. During the interview, Aaron stuck to the original story. However, Joscilin confessed to accidentally injuring her son when she attempted to throw water on Aaron. Both Josclin and Aaron were said to have treated the boy’s burns with bandages and ointments, but the burns did not heal properly.

“Had that child received medical attention the same time that the father did – very likely not looking at as serious a condition as he is in now,” says Mesa Police Sgt. Tony Landato in an interview with KPHO.

The boy is being treated at Maricopa Medical Burn Unit. According to KPHO, the boy may now have to undergo surgery. The rest of the couples six children have been taken into CPS custody after they reported to police that they were frequently abused in their home.

Josciln Smith has been charged with aggravated assault and three counts of child abuse while Aaron Roland was with one count of child abuse.


  1. Kim

    August 16, 2013 at 1:33 am

    They should give her a super long prison sentence and she should be banned from being around children for the rest of her life!What is wrong with people????

  2. ana

    August 19, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    The Children should be Placed with their Grandmother or another Responsible Relative,providing that Everyone is Screened,to Determine that They are Responsible and Capable to Care for The Children.The Parents are Responsible.

  3. ana

    August 19, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    The Parents are Not Responsible.

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