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Family Holds Funeral for Woman, then Find Out She’s Actually Alive

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This is either a dream or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it.  When we lose a loved one, most of us are in shock, creating a living nightmare.  But the dream for most of us who’ve lost someone is to find out later that they are alive.

That’s what a family is going through right now after a woman who was ruled dead turned out to be alive 13 days after her funeral.

Sharolyn Jackson’s family just found out that the woman they’d been mourning for nearly two weeks was alive, located at a mental health facility in Philadelphia.  According to CBSPhilly KYW, the woman had been reported missing by her family.  Police found a body that matched her description and even her own son identified the dead body as being that of his mother.

A funeral for Jackson took place on August 3.   You can imagine their shock that she was still alive, especially after her own son said that the body being buried belonged to his mother.   But you would also have expected that the city could have done a DNA test or looked at dental records to determine whose body they were actually burying.  You also have to wonder how often this has happened in the past.

If the body was badly disfigured and the son didn’t want to look at his mother’s rotted corpse, is it possible that he didn’t look at the face long enough?   Maybe they should have safeguards in place for situations like this one.   Not everyone wants to stare and analyze the dead body of their own mother.  We’re just saying.

But the Health Department doesnt feel that they didn’t do anything wrong.

“The gold standard here [for identifying a body] is visual identification by a family member,” Philadelphia Health Department spokesman James Garrow told The Huffington Post.

Police are now in the process of trying to figure out who the woman was that was buried in her place.   Wow.