Chaka Khan Praises Lindsay Lohan For Going To Rehab

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Reported By: Britt L

The poster child for a good kid going wrong, Lindsay Lohan, has received tons of support since being released from rehab almost two weeks ago. Fans and celebrities have made it clear that they wish Lohan a speedy recovery back to the friendly-freckled faced red head we all grew to know and love.

Besides TV guru Oprah Winfrey extending a helping hand to the troubled actress, soul singer Chaka Khan expressed her empathy and gratitude for Lohan through a Tweet on Wednesday.

Khan announced on her website that she too was in drug rehab, battling a prescription drug addiction. For an even more shocking fact, Khan disclosed that she received treatment at the same rehab center Lohan did.

In the statement, Khan praised Lohan for seeking treatment for her drug addiction and wished her the best in being sober.

Lohan went into rehab May 2013 as part of a court order, forcing her to kick her habits of snorting cocaine and taking Adderall without a prescription.

“I applaud Lindsay Lohan for doing the work. She is a lovely young lady, and I pray for her well-being,” expressed Chaka.
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Khan herself suffered from addiction when she was Lohan’s age. The Queen of Funk-Soul struggled with a cocaine and heroin addiction in the early 90’s, and fought alcoholism until she declared sobriety in 2005. Khan admitted that she relapsed after having surgery.

“The battle of addiction is a serious and long process, which is why I chose to address my use of prescription medications—which came about as a result of the knee surgery I had a few years ago. When and if necessary, I will seek alternative methods and traditional treatment to stay ahead of any potential problem,” wrote Khan.

“So many are not here today and have lost this battle with addiction. Because these medications are legal, their abuse is often unknown—until it’s too late. If not handled they are a silent killer,” the singer added.

Lindsay inked a $2.5 million dollar deal with Oprah to star on Oprah Winfrey’s “New Chapter”, confessing every waking detail about her addiction and what she’s going to do to stop it.

The show airs August 18.