Brandy Humiliated by Performing to Crowd of Just 40 People in 90,000 Capacity Stadium

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R&B singer and actress Brandy was reportedly embarrassed after her surprise performance for a South African crowd garnered the Brandy_620attention of only 40 audience members in an arena that holds 90,000.

Brandy was the surprise performing artist to close the Mandela Sports and Culture Day this past Saturday in South Africa. However, much of the audience was unaware that there was even going to be another performer and began leaving the arena in droves.

There were only 40 people still in attendance by the time Brandy took the stage. The singer reportedly performed just two songs before she sulked off the stage. South African musician Kabomo posted a series of tweets about the incident, “Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium.”

“With the stadium lights on,” tweeted South African musician, Kabomo. People didn’t know there was a concert after the games. No one knew Brandy was around. Maybe a 40 people audience … She sulked after two songs and walked off,” read the tweet.There are more people there on a random Tuesday… Depressing.”

Several other Twitter users posted tweets in response to Kabomo’s post. One user said, @My2_Melo: “I gave up the min I saw the empty stadium. Brandy performing for the chairs!” and another commented, @dawn_ngwenya said: “Brandy is going to perform for herself and Mbaks only.”

To make matters worse, the country’s national television broadcast station SABC that was showing the event across the country stopped broadcasting the show before Brandy even made her way to the stage.

Do you think that Brandy should be embarrassed about what happened? Or do you feel it’s the fault of the promoters and not Brandy?