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Big Dummy: Man Busted Bragging about Underage “Pimpin” Exploits on Facebook

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A San Diego man named Martell Davis was recently arrested and charged with the sex trafficking of a minor while wearing a t-shirt that read “I make pimping look easy”.

Davis was captured after a 17-year old girl was apprehended in a prostitution sting being conducted by a San Diego Police vice unit. The young woman met with an officer in a Best Western hotel room and discussed a payment of $80 for s*x acts before the officer put her in cuffs. The officer then used her cellphone to contact a person that she believed to be her pimp via text message while pretending to be the girl.

The officer texted Mr. Davis and asked him how much should a “customer” pay for an unnatural s*x act, he responded, “Oh sh*t make him break the bank babe.” He then advised that $200 should be the lowest amount she accepted. reports that Davis claimed that he was not a pimp but was just a bodyguard for the young woman and had no knowledge of her age, this was discounted however due to statements from the girl, “The girl told police that she had not been forced to turn tricks by Davis, with whom she had been “sexually active.” The teen said that she had previously traveled with Davis to Yuma, Arizona, where she “worked as a prostitute engaging in 20-30 sex acts.” On that road trip, the teen added, the pair was accompanied by “other females that worked for Davis as prostitutes and that they all referred to each other as ‘wifey.’”

During police questioning, Davis said he was unaware that the girl was a minor, claiming he was “just helping [her] out,” adding that she paid him for this “protection.”

Davis also flaunted his criminal lifestyle on various social networking sites, often posting pictures of himself in extravagant hotels and discussing his prostitution empire openly. Another element to this crime is irony, Davis had posted a status on his Facebook page in September of last year that chastised the practice of prostituting underage minors, “Let me say Idc of the b*tch b day tomorrow and she be 18 if your fuccing pimping or touching that girl your pedifile and predator and imma do more than just Megan’s law you b*tch ass.” Strange that someone that seems so passionate about the plight of young women being victimized by pimps would be arrested for that very offense.

Davis is currently being held in a federal facility and has a court date set for August 22. He could be facing at least ten years in prison if convicted of the sex trafficking of a minor.