Before you Settle Down in Marriage, Make Sure You Do These Things

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Reported By: Britt L

Ultimately, all that most of us women want is to settle down with the man of our dreams:  A provider, a listener, just an all around great partner. But before you start jotting down  a laundry long list of what makes an amazing life mate, try looking at the woman you are.  Use this Pre-Marriage Checklist to see if you’re ready to give your all to that special someone.

These are a few things you should do before tying the knot:

1. Love Your Body

Before you settle down with someone till ‘death do us part’, learn to love your body and your looks. It’s important to have that innate self-confidence before you commit to another human being. Never rely on someone else for your confidence and sense of self-worth.

2. Host a Girl’s Night

Get your girlfriends together and host a girl’s night, whether it’s in your home with some favorite chick flicks, comfort food, and drinks or if it’s a night out on the town dancing and having all sorts of fun.

3. Fix Something

Learn to fix something in your home on your own. The internet’s full of how-to articles, from how to prevent your toilet from constantly flushing itself to how to hang a heavy picture on the wall.

4. Live On Your Own

Understand what independence truly entails by living on your own. Finding your own apartment, setting up your own furniture, making your own dinner, and paying your bills will make you a stronger individual and help you appreciate companionship in the future.

5. Learn To Cook (important)

Learning to cook well is something that everyone should strive to do — or at least wholeheartedly attempt — before they get married. Perhaps you’re living together with your to-be life partner already — even better! Take the time and make the effort to cook like a pro.  This can go for both men and women.

6. See a Movie Alone

Do the unthinkable: go see a movie by yourself on a date night. Experience the freedom of being unattached and also the joy of not having to worry about how you look, smell, or act. It’s a date with yourself — and you love every part of you and your life.

7. Babysit a Kid

Take a weekend day off to babysit a friend’s kid to experience what it’s like to devote yourself entirely to the care of another human being. It’ll make you appreciate the luxuries of being single and maybe you’ll stop whining so much about not being married already.

8. Love Your Hobbies

Having interests of your own will not only build confidence, but it’s part of discovering what truly makes you happy in life. Take the time before you get hitched to know exactly what you enjoy being occupied with and what makes life challenging and interesting for you.

Last, but definitely not least,

*** 9. Know Yourself  ***

To make yourself a better partner for someone deserving and also to get to know yourself better, make a list of your best and worst traits. It’s healthy to take a step back and evaluate yourself, so you understand that there’s always room to grow.