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Aspiring Lawyer Killed By Longtime Friend Over Facebook Feud

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Kayla(right) Kamisha(left)



Reported By: Britt L

Twenty-two-year old aspiring lawyer Kamisha Richards was left for dead in her Cypress Hill apartment after being stabbed by 18-year-old Kayla Henriques, who was reported to be a “little sister” to the slain college student.

A Facebook feud quickly turned deadly after Kayla viciously stabbed Kamisha with a kitchen knife. The altercation started when Kamisha loaned Kayla $20 for diapers last Friday for her son, Alex. When Kamisha was informed that Kayla spent the money on other necessities besides pampers, things immediately turned for the worst.

“They had been beefing for about three days,” said Barbie, a neighbor in the Cypress Hills Houses.

The two women traded Facebook insults over the weekend before the fatal stabbing.

In one Facebook post, Kayla wrote to Kamisha “B—h man up…I’m here make a move.”

Richards replied with a statement saying, “Kayla now you getin outa hand…I hope u have fun entertaining the world…Trust, IMA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!”

Kayla replied chillingly with an intense “We will see.”

After Kayla fled the murder scene, Kamisha was pronounced dead at Brookdale University Hospital from a fatal stab wound to the chest.

On Sutter Ave in East New York, police followed a blood trail to a building where Kayla was eventually arrested.

As a deranged Kayla walked out of the 75th Precinct station house in Brooklyn handcuffed, she exclaimed, “No, ’cause it was a mistake. I was protecting my kids.”

Kayla told police that she acted in self defense after Kamisha charged at her at 10:30 PM Monday night.

Kamisha’s boyfriend, Ramel Henriques, and oddly enough Kayla’s brother, wrote on his Facebook wall, mourning his dead girlfriend.

“Kamisha, I miss you. I need you baby,” wrote Ramel.

Kamisha’s mother spoke with New York Daily News about the murder.

“Her boyfriend came over Sunday night and promised that it was all just Facebook bluster – that no one would hurt my baby,” sobbed the grieving mom. “Now my baby is dead.”

Kamisha was a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and aspired to become a lawyer.