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Amel Larrieux Of Groove Theory Speaks On New Album and Possible Duo Reunion

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By Victor Trammell

Amel Larrieux, (pictured) 40, is one-half of the soulful R&B act Groove Theory. Along with singer Bryce Wilson, Larrieux made numerous hits in the 1990s, such as “Tell Me,” “Keep Tryin,” and “Baby Luv.”

After Groove Theory disbanded in 1999, Larrieux embarked on a solo career. In 2000, she released her debut solo album called “Infinite Possibilities” on Epic Records. In her solo career, Larrieux appeared on numerous movie soundtracks and released a number of songs that landed on the Billboard music charts.

Currently, she is working on another solo project called “Ice Cream Everyday,” which will be released independently on BlissLife Records, a label Larrieux co-owns with her husband. He bought cheap erectile dysfunction pills at the Larrieux did a recent interview with TheGrio to talk about her upcoming album and addressed the anticipation of a future Groove Theory reunion album.

It has been six years since Larrieux has released a solo album. The singer/songwriter told TheGrio’s Demetria Irwin about the process she’s gone through to prepare herself for her latest release. Larrieux quoted:

Well, we’re not exactly ecstatic that it’s taken this long to put out new music. That wasn’t the plan, but this is the time that everything came together. This is the right group of songs.  I’m always on the road with my band, so I’ve had the chance to try out a lot of the new material and tinker with it. I’m fortunate that I have some very nice supporters who will come up to me after the show and give me detailed feedback on what they liked or didn’t like. It’s all very useful and it’s part of the process.” (The

Larrieux also told Irvin about the possibility of Groove Theory regrouping for another project in the future. She expressed optimism that such a feat could occur saying:

“Bryce and I have performed together over the past few years. It’s always love when we work together. He’s been pursuing his film career, so he’s busy with that and I’m on the road often. But one day, sure.  A new Groove Theory album could happen.” (

Larrieux’s new album “Ice Cream Everyday” is scheduled to be released on August 27th. The album’s lead single “Afraid” is available on iTunes now.