Amazing Twin Sisters Turn Seven; One is Black and One is White

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By Barry Burch Jr.

Twins are a rarity as is, whether they be identical or fraternal, but when one is black with brown eyes, and the other blue-eyed, blonde and pale-skinned, many of us cant help but ask ourselves: “Is that possible?”

The answer: Yes. Kian and Remee were born one minute apart, seven years ago, and outside of the twins’ smiles, the two girls couldn’t look any more different. The sisters’ appearance comes from a one in a million combination of their mother and father’s genes, who both have white mothers and black fathers.

The two first gained international attention at less than a year old. And now, as they approach seven, neither has yet to ask about why they are different colors and neither have experienced any forms of racial prejudice.

They are such a perfect example of how it should be,” said their mother in an interview with Mail Online. “They are not bothered about their skin color.
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It’s not the big issue everyone else seems to see it as. It isn’t important to them at all – it’s about what they’re like underneath.”

The mother, Kylee Hodgson, 25, said she first thought the girls would begin to look more alike as time progressed, but the opposite actually happened; resulting in storm of arguably embarrassing questions like, “who really fathered the girls,” and “who is the fair-headed girl?”

“People would ask me why I dressed the children the same,” Kylee said. “I’d just say: ‘because they’re twins,’and leave people to work it out. It kind of irritated me at first, but everyone in my area got to know they were twins and accepted it. It was only strangers or outsiders who didn’t know.”

Although the girls share a deep connection, they are already going about living life in their own ways. Both have their own sets of friends. Kian loves animals and her sister enjoys cooking. But the girls remain best-friends and don’t let differences get in their way, according to Kylee.

“And they don’t notice the color thing, not at all. They’ve grown up with light-skinned people around them, and they’ve grown up with black people. But they’re just themselves. They don’t see what everyone else sees,” said Kylee.

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