Alicia Keys Gets a New Haircut, and the Twitterverse ain’t Happy about It

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Alicia Keys is full of surprises.  After being hidden from the world for a while, she decided to crawl back out into the universe and perform her song “Girl on Fire” for the audience of Good Morning America.  During the performance, Keys showed off a nice, new haircut, one that gave her a look that differs distinctly from the one she had before.

Keys tweeted about the new look on the morning before the performance:

“Feelin fresh and feelin the love this morning! ;-),” she said. 

But the twitterverse wasn’t nearly as happy and enthusiastic about the new look.  There are some who love Alicia no matter how she looks, but others threw some nasty jokes at her.  One tweeter, @kylegotjokes, said, “Nice 1929 leather football helmet.”

Not missing some of the nasty tweets, Keys then released another picture of herself with a different hairstyle, showing the haters that she can switch it up on a second’s notice.

“Versatility!! 😉 i’m having so much fun! Love and light to u!,” she said.

This is a week for celebration for Keys.  She is approaching her third anniversary of her marriage to the rapper, Swizz  Beatz.  In the celebrity world, three years of marriage is a lifetime.  Congratulations to Alicia.