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After Overcoming Alcoholism/Arrest, Former Destiny’s Child Singer is Giving Birth on Beyonce’s Birthday

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When you are the member of Destiny’s Child that almost no one remembers, life can be rough.  But LaTavia Roberson is as beautiful as ever, and working to move forward with her career.

She is working on a lot of new singing projects and has a new reality show.  Adding further interesting details to her life, she has announced that she’s pregnant.  We assume that her baby isn’t going to be named Blue Ivy or North West, since she’s not really famous enough to have a weird name for her child.

This must be a late announcement for LaTavia, since the baby is due on September 4.   Believe it or not, that happens to be Beyonce’s birthday.

No one knows who the father of the baby is, and she’s currently keeping it a secret.  But reports are that the father is a respected producer in Atlanta, which means that she has been mixing business with pleasure as of late.
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The new show’s name hasn’t been released, but it’s being done by Carlos King’s Kingdom Reign Entertainment, the company responsible for “Real Housewives,” and “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.”


“I’m excited to work with LaTavia to effectively tell her story on television,” Carlos said in a statement. “This is her first time speaking out about her past. This woman has endured more than the public even realizes, and once they hear half of it, they will be in awe. She is a true survivor!”

LaTavia once struggled through alcoholism, especially after being kicked out of Destiny’s Child.  She was also arrested for failing a drug test a little while later.  So, she’s gone through a lot and might be perfect for reality TV, an industry which thrives off of drama.  Good luck to LaTavia.