According To Britt L: Things You Should Love About The Single Life

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According to Britt L


 Some of us in the world absolutely need a relationship to feel whole as a person. On the other hand, there are many walking the earth that don’t mind walking alone. But lets face it; We ALL at one point in time loved our freedom and all around personal space, two things we commonly don’t have while in a relationship. However, socializing with whom you please or not having to report to anyone are the best things about being single. Here are a couple of more things that make the single life our number one love:

1. No Worries

In a relationship, your partner is here and there. And despite the trust you’ve both acquired in the relationship, there’s always that tickley spider on the back of your neck, taunting you, urging you to believe that your significant other is in the wrong place at the wrong time and vice versa. Too much stress! Being single means you can do whatever you want, WHENEVER you want. No grey hairs from that.

2. Diet Stays The Same

Nothings worse than a boyfriend/girlfriend trying to change your diet. Rather they’re a health nut who works out from sun up to sun down or a burger bandit, most likely, you two don’t share the same eating habits. Food is your choice for your mouth, not your “love bugs” taste buds.

3. Appearance Doesn’t Matter

New hair, new clothes. You even picked up those new plush pillows your partner pointed out in Bed Bath & Beyond just to grab their attention. But it’s just not your style. So who are you impressing when you’re single, your pet hamster?

4. No Shaving

This goes along in the appearance category, more so grooming if you shall. Ladies, you know you could go all winter without throwing a razor or a wax kit to those legs when you’re single. No guy is coming over to rub your thighs while you’re watching a re-run of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Single=Shave? Nope!

5. Ample Time For Your Favorite Hobbies

Paint balling and flicking boogers at the wall with your friends were your favorite past times before shopping and cuddling with the “boo” became a top priority. Walking to the plank on your own gives you back father time to do whatever you’d like…basically, like you used to.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are great. But, nothings wrong with a little love and tenderness from time to time. Just make sure that if you’re one day ready to settle down with that special one, that you love them more than your freewill.

 BrittL is an emerging journalist, lover of life and all around happy lady.  She is also a freshman at Eastern Illinois University.