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TrueBlood Star Dumps Her Hubby in What Might be an Ugly Divorce

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The HBO Series TrueBlood is a megahit, and the stardom can lead to fame and fortune.  But behind all of the public stuff, there are the personal lives and stories that come make the story all that more interesting.

Rutina Wesley, the woman who plays Tara Thornton on the popular HBO show, has filed for divorce from her husband.  She has been married to fellow actor Jacob Fishel since 2006, and the two have cited “irreconcilable differences” to explain why the vows they made before God are no longer valid.

The divorce appears to be an uncomfortable one, with Wesley saying that she doesn’t want her ex-husband to get any of her massive HBO paycheck.  She has filed a request with the judge denying her husband any form of spousal support.  The two met when they were performing at Julliard together.

Rutina has show business in her veins.  Her father was a professional tap dancer and her mother was a showgirl.   She had a minor role in the Will Smith film, “Hitch,” but it was edited out in the final cut.  But her first big break came in the film “How She Move,” which led to other opportunities.

Someone once suggested that instead of making fake vows to be together forever, that people should consider signing marriage leases, which are renewable every five years.  With most eternal vows ending when people find things to be too difficult, would marriage leases be a good solution?