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Zimmerman Walks, While Mother Serves 20 Years after Firing Warning Shots for Protection

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Last night, a national tragedy occurred when George Zimmerman was allowed to walk free after killing Trayvon Martin. The nation is outraged over the case, but experts are not surprised.  Dr. Boyce Watkins and Russell Simmons have been fighting against the mass incarceration epidemic, highlighting cases of injustice around the country.

One case is that of Marissa Alexander, a mother who has been sent to prison for 20 years in Florida, the same state that Trayvon Martin was killed.   Not only was Alexander in the same state as Trayvon, she also had the same prosecutor as George Zimmerman.  But unlike the Zimmerman situation, the prosecution didn’t throw the case against Alexander and allow the defendant to walk free.

Maria Lloyd at writes about the case of Alexander.  In light of what happened last night to Trayvon Martin and his family, we must always remember that there is a Trayvon in every city, and these Trayvons are both male and female:

A little over four months ago,  a Florida judge sentenced 31-year-old Marissa Alexander to 20 years in prison for three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Alexander  fired a gun into the air in an attempt to scare her violent husband, who’d gone into a rage after reading text message exchanges between Alexander and her ex-husband. “That’s when he strangled me. He put his hands around my neck,” Alexander said.

In a desperate attempt to save her life, she broke from his grip and ran into the garage to flee the home in her car. Allowing her panic to get the best of her, she forgot to grab her keys and couldn’t open the garage door. Alexander found one solution that could save her from her crazed husband. “I knew I had to protect myself,” she said. “I could not fight him. He was 100 pounds more than me. I grabbed my weapon at that point.”