Woman Faces Jail Time After Jumping on Stage and Beating Down a Singer for Mentioning Trayvon Martin

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When you are cowardly enough to attack an old man on stage, you’ve truly hit rock bottom.  A woman jumped on stage and attacked Blues legend Lester Chambers while was performing a song in tribute to the late Trayvon Martin.

Chambers was a member of the 1960s group, “The Chambers Brothers,” and a woman by the name of Dinaylynn Andrews Potter felt that it was wrong for him to sing anything to support Trayvon.

“It’s all your fault!” she screamed as she pushed the man down to the ground.  The incident occurred just minutes after George Zimmerman was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin.   Since that time, racial tension has been at an all-time high.

“I saw anger and for the short time I did see her she just came, ‘You mf, you started this.’ Boom! And I was down,” he said.

“She had a crazed look in her eye,” said Kurt Kangas, a friend of Chambers. “I saw the devil there.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and scholar in residence at, says that the Martin case was a situation that simply brought pre-existing racial tension back to the surface.  Dr. Watkins has been writing on the Martin case and its broader implications for society.

“America is a country that is infected with the disease or racism, and it always has been,” said Dr. Watkins, author of the book, ‘What if George Bush were a Black Man?’ “This case is merely a flare up of that disease, and it won’t be cured anytime soon because the patient refuses to go to the doctor.  That verdict was a sick reflection of the kinds of people we’ve had to deal with for 400 years, and black people are getting sick of it.”

Check out the video below.  This woman appears to be out of her mind.  Maybe she should go hang out with George Zimmerman.