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Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Raymond Ordered to Pay $200,000 to Former Landlord

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Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, probably wishes she had access to Usher’s bank account right about now.  TMZ is reporting that Tameka just lost a major lawsuit with her landlord, and is now being forced to cough up $200,000.  The landlord originally filed suit, stating that Tameka owed $50,000 in back rent for three rental spots she used for her business.   Apparently, she allegedly owed $50,000 for each unit, which is the only way to explain why the final verdict was so expensive.

Tameka fought the case in court, arguing that the landlord was the one who broke the lease and said that the case should be thrown out.  But the judge didn’t go for it, forcing Tameka to pay $186,036.50 in principal and $18,628.65 in attorney fees.  This leads her to owe $204,665.

Usher proposed to Tameka in 2007.  She has a son from her teenage years, and two sons with a man out of Atlanta.   She then had two more kids with Usher.   Tameka suffered a cardiac arrest while getting liposuction in Brazil, and this was the same year that she and Usher filed for divorce.  The divorce led to a nasty custody battle as well.

Things have been a mess for Tameka since then.  We wish her the best.