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Woman Feels that No One Comes to Her Cafe Because She’s Black: So, She Puts Up a Sign Warning Customers

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signBy: Britt L

Martha-Renee Kolleh is a cafe owner. A BLACK cafe owner. And when certain people see that she is black, they forget all about how great her business is. The West Yorkshire cafe owner put up a sign telling customers she is black.  She did so because she is fed up with people walking out of her establishment after noticing her skin color.
Figures for ethnicity from the 2011 Census show that of Ossett’s population of 16,116, 97.5% (15,724) were recorded as white.
Kolleh claims that the reaction to the sign in the window of the cafe has been mixed with good and bad comments.
“Some people find it amusing, they were laughing and said ‘oh yes it’s about time you put that up’, so I think they all realize what’s going on here,” she said.
Kolleh serves a mixture of British, African and Caribbean food, which implies she has no problem with diversity herself.
During the duration of her business, Kolleh hired a white woman named Tracey to work in the establishment. “When Tracey is in the cafe she does well and people will come in and it will be full, once I stay in the background” exclaims Kolleh. “But if Tracey is not working and I’m working nobody comes in.”
In no way shape or form was Kolleh implying that the whole town of Osset is racist. However, peoples ignorance is plaguing the business. BBC radio reports that a lot of people support Martha’s business, but if things don’t pick up she will be forced to close the establishment by Autumn.
Labor Councillor Tony Richardson claims that most people in the town would support Ms Kolleh. “I am absolutely certain there is not a problem in Ossett. I have met thousands of people in Ossett and they are wonderful people, very diverse,” he said.