Picture of White Man Combing Black Daughter’s Hair Goes Viral….Again?

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Is the image above touching or is it an insult to black father’s everywhere?  We know that most black men love their kids and are willing to do anything for their little girls, but the grass stays greener on the other side.  But then again, the images of a father loving his daughter are touching no matter what.

An image of a man named Mike Heath combing his daughter’s hair has torn through Facebook like fire through a gas station.   It has gotten over 1,600 shares and 74,000 likes.  But there are tons of pictures of black dads loving their daughters, so why don’t these pictures receive the same amount of shine? It’s hard to say, but we’d be happy for you to tell us.

Here’s what Mike said about the picture on his page:

Yep, I love my daughter so much. I’ll do anything for my little princess. She means the absolute world to me. Hopefully there are more fathers out here like this!!!!! #ProudDaddy #Father&Daughter #LoveMyPrincess #MyWorld #MySunshine #MyEverything

What do you think? Is the image empowering or insulting? What if the man was black? Would the image also get this much attention?