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Pennsylvania Pimpin’: Father & Son sentenced after prostitution ring goes Haywire

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A father son duo involved in a high priced Pennsylvania prostitution ring were sentenced to three to nine years in prison Monday morning.

Both Vincent George Sr. and Vincent George Jr. were convicted by a judge back in June for money laundering and prostitution promoting. However, the terrible two were unfortunately acquitted for the more serious sex-trafficking charges.

After sentencing, Vincent George Jr. showed minimum remorse for the prostitutes, including one by the name Desiree Ellis who sat in the audience weeping terribly, saying he was sorry “for not being there for them”. Vincent Sr. did not comment after trial.

At trial, prosecutors alleged that George Sr., 56, and his son, 35, frequently used threats of violence and false dreams of riches to get the women to perform sexual acts on paying costumers. The defense argued their clients were exercising free will, calling them “happy hookers.”

The prostitutes racked in as much as $500,000 a year for the Georges but had no bank accounts of their own and saw little to any of the profits. Prostituting profits were hidden by car service and music recording schemes.

The Georges warned their prostitutes they would be beaten if they didn’t bring in as much money as expected or were late to check in, according to wiretap conversations played at trial.

Despite what prosecutors claimed, the prostitutes put on the stand said they were treated to luxury cars, vacations and family gatherings in a house in Allentown, Pa., about 90 miles from New York City. They also claimed to turn tricks for $300 a night.

The star witness Desiree Ellis claimed that George Sr. was a “teddy bear” and never harmed her. Her and the other prostitutes had no comments to reporters.