Oprah Signs Lindsay Lohan for a Reality TV Show

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Some would think that Oprah’s brand is strong and respected, and that working with someone like Lindsay Lohan would appear to be an act of extreme desperation. But others would say that Oprah can also help to fix Lindsay’s life the way Iyanla Vanzant is doing on her show.  What this says is that by having messy celebs on your network, you can make money when people sign up to check out the train wreck.

Oprah is going to get big numbers after bringing in Lindsay Lohan for a major interview. But after that, she is going to do an eight-part reality TV series with the embattled star, helping her to rebuild her once stellar career and work through her laundry list of psychological issues.

“OWN will air an exclusive interview with Oprah and Lindsay Lohan that will tape and air in August and an eight-part documentary series with Lindsay for 2014,” says an OWN Spokesperson.

According to EW.com, the series will begin filming in August.   This is right after Lohan finishes her latest stint in rehab.  Lohan was forced into rehab as one of the conditions of her plea agreement on charges related to a car accident that took place back in 2012.    Since starting her new network, Oprah has broken a lot of old rules to get the network going, including doing interviews with gangster rapper 50 Cent and singer Rihanna. This truly is Oprah’s Next Chapter and the book reads completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before.



  1. Harold

    July 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    She is helping her people–those who helped her.

  2. Ida

    July 15, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Outrageous! Lindsay is a model is misbehavior and white privileged opportunity to continue such misbehavior with minimal consequences. I imagine a day when Oprah Winfrey actually runs a documentary eight-part series on the mass incarceration of African American males, the New Jim Crow, as researched and written by Michele Alexander. I will not watch her documentary series with Lindsay as it will not change one iota of injustice or entertain me in any way whatsoever! I hope other choose to ignore such trivial mishandling of Ophrah’s capacity to contribute to change in the lives of African Americans or Americans in general.

  3. StopHating

    July 16, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Y’all gonna get off of Oprah. Her philanthropy alone should shut most people up but noooo everybody always got something negative to say. This woman is running a network, how many of y’all can say the same. I work in broadcasting and I can’t imagine the incredible amount of work it takes to run her network. She had programming thay doesnt rob you and insult your intelligence. Finally, there are programs that enlighten your soul and provoke thought on serious matters. Most of y’all with the biggest mouths, complaining, are the ones who are tunning into “Love and Hiphop” or Real House wives! Please have a set and put a lid on it!!!

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