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Mother Of Trayvon Martin Says ‘We Cannot Let This Happen To Anybody Else’s Child”

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Reported By: Britt L

This past Friday, the mother of Trayvon Martin spoke as a special guest at the National Urban League’s annual conference in Philadelphia.

Sybrina Fulton walked on stage to a roaring crowd. She started off her speech heartfelt, while holding up a small photograph of her slain son Trayvon. The photo Fulton clenched in her right hand was the same photo that is frequently featured on t-shirts of Trayvon Martin supporters.

Fulton started her speech with the statement:

“My message to you is please use my story, please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself, ‘We cannot let this happen to anybody else’s child.”

During the speech, Fulton made gestures suggesting that the audience “wrap their minds” around the fact that “all because of a law,” Trayvon would not be able to accomplish great milestones in his life such as graduation, parenthood, college, prom or even his eighteenth birthday.

“The absolute worst call you can receive as a parent is to know your son…you will never kiss again,” Fulton said. “I’ll just ask you to wrap your mind around that. Around no prom for Trayvon. No high school graduation for Trayvon. No college…no grandkids coming from Trayvon.”

Fulton also asked the audience to think of  Trayvon as not only her son, but theirs as well.

“Trayvon is my son,” said Fulton. “But Trayvon is also your son.”

Sybrina aggressively pushed the audience to understand the hardship of losing a son to gun violence.  She also said that people should be aware of the incident in a way that spreads cognizance about injustice everywhere.

Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was fatally shot last year during an altercation with 29-year-old George Zimmerman in a gated Sanford, Fla. community, where Zimmerman had launched a neighborhood watch program.  Zimmerman was acquitted this month by a jury after pleading not guilty to second-degree murder charges, claiming he shot in self-defense.

The “Stand Your Ground Law” played a big part in Zimmerman’s verdict as well.

Fulton concluded her speech with the promise that Trayvon’s legacy will live on despite Zimmerman’s acquittal.

“The verdict is not going to define who Trayvon Martin was,” Fulton said. “We will define his legacy. We will define who he is and what he was all about. But I can’t do it alone. No more Trayvon Martins again”

Sybrina Fulton is currently an active member of her sons charity, The Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Recently, two juror’s from the Zimmerman trial came forward with regrets about their decision to let Zimmerman walk free.

In an ABC news interview, Juror 29 stated that she believed Zimmerman “got away with murder,” and that she initially wanted to find Zimmerman guilty.

Fulton issued a statement Thursday calling the juror’s comments “devastating.”