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Mother Arrested After Her Four Year Old Passes Away at the Hospital Due to Blunt Force Trauma

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by Malcolm Morrow

Josephita Brown, a Southwest Philadelphia mother, was arrested on Tuesday night after her daughter died at a local children’s hospital. Brown is being charged with murder in connection with the death of her four year old daughter.

Hospital officials confirmed that the child’s cause of death was a lacerated liver likely caused by blunt force trauma and she was also covered in bruises all over her body and bleeding from her ears when she was initially brought into the hospital.

Brown attended her arraignment trial on Friday morning and is being held without bail; her boyfriend is also being held but has not yet been charged.

More details are not yet available such as evidence, weapons used or when Brown’s trial would begin.

Earlier in the week a Miami, FL “glamour model” left her children outside of an arena while she attended a Lil Wayne concert. The arena security discovered her children roaming the parking lot unaccompanied twice throughout the duration of the performance. The woman’s name is Brittany Harris and she has appeared as a model in a few hip hop music videos. She initially tried to lie to investigators by saying that her cousin had dropped the children off in the parking lot without her knowledge but she eventually came clean and admitted her negligence.

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