Keyshia Cole’s Husband Daniel Gibson Breaks Man’s Jaw In Her Honor

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Daniel Gibson broke a mans jaw


By Aaron D. Johnson

TMZ has reported that Daniel Gibson, the husband of R&B singer Keyshia Cole, turned himself into New Orleans police at around 11:00 am yesterday morning. Gibson and his wife were recently in New Orleans to attend the annual Essence Music Festival.

During the festival, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson allegedly punched an unidentified man in the face. He hit him so hard that he broke the man’s jaw. Gibson, who plays in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was booked on second degree battery charges. He was eventually released.

During a phone interview with TMZ live, Gibson explained the situation from his perspective.  When asked why he punched the stranger, Gibson wanted to clear the air about the extent of his involvement and why. According to Gibson, the man supposedly approached his wife, Keyshia Cole, and made both “profane” and “disrespectful” comments towards her.  Gibson felt as if her “safety was threatened” and he “needed to take action”—and so “some guy” got his jaw broken.

For Gibson, this was a matter of protecting his wife. He believes that he did what most men would have done in a similar situation. He is vehement that he is innocent. In his mind, he has done nothing wrong.  He wants his fans and his wife’s fans to understand that:  “I have nothing to be ashamed of or hide,” he said.

In another phone interview with Jack Shea of WJW – TV in Cleavland, Gibson says, “I live for two things: my family and the game of basketball. For my son and other kids who look up to me, I try to be a positive example. I hope I can raise my son in a world where people have self-respect and can respect each other. I hope this matter will be resolved as quickly as possible, so I can focus on things that are important in my life. Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated.”