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Hmmmm: Shaunie O’neal Says Basketball Wives is Going to be Different This Time

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“Basketball Wives” co-creator Shaunie O’neal has taken a lot of heat for the promotion of bullying on her show.  The women on the show, most of whom have never been anyone’s wife, often behave like angry children, and attack one another for almost any small reason.  This message is reflected with little girls in school systems everywhere, who attack one another on sight.

The obvious connections between shows like “Basketball Wives” and the bullying trend among young girls have led to protests from women like Sil Lai Abrams, who created a platform called “Truth in Reality,” set to convince people to think carefully about the messages of reality TV.

Shaunie is trying to do her part to make things better.

“For the most part, I think people were trying to do better, making an effort. I think that’s what’s most important. The effort is being made,” she told

“It’s not that we did a 360, that we’re coming in brand new and angels. Trust me, there are some moments,” said Shaunie.

But Shaunie says that being a mom makes her think about the messages that she is sending out to other mothers out there.

“I’m a mom of two girls…What I teach them at home, I want to show them,” she said. Although they don’t join her to watch the show, she said they hear about what airs from classmates and friends.

The question we would have is whether or not Shaunie cares as much about your kids as she does her own.  Is she only doing this in order to make a good impression on her children, or does she care about all the children out there who are also impacted by what these grown women do on TV?  What do you think?