Woman’s Estranged Husband K!lls Her Co-Worker and Kidnaps Her in Syracuse, NY

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steuben stBy Malcolm Morrow

A woman’s coworker was slain on Sunday after he escorted her home in Syracuse, NY. He was walking her home due to fear for her safety caused by her estranged husband.  

George Alfred shot and k!lled Corey Hill, his wife’s coworker, inside of her home on Sunday. Tanya Alfred was then kidnapped by her husband and driven to Pennsylvania as part of his scheme. However, while they were in Pennsylvania George began feeling guilty and gave Tanya the car so that she could drive herself back to New York. He took the bus back to New York. On Monday morning, he brought his mother along and  turned himself in, at  around 6 a.m.

George and Tanya Alfred’s three children were staying at the George’s parent’s home the weekend of the slaying. The Alfred’s had been living separately since an incident on April during which George choked Tanya.

George Alfred has been charged with second degree murder, kidnapping in the third degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.

Hill was a manager at the Sam’s Club store where he and Tanya Alfred both worked. The pair was at a local bar and Alfred asked Hill to drive her home because she was afraid of her estranged husband.

Frank Fowler stated how Hill’s chivalry was the precursor to his demise,

[Hill] decided to do what most gentlemen of his caliber would do: To see this woman get home safely. It cost him his life. But this is how this young man lived his life, and I know his parents are extremely proud of him … This is truly a tragic incident when you have a person that’s trying to do the right thing by someone else.”