Two Teen Girls Arrested for Forcing 14-Yr Old Runaway to Sleep with 15 Men at One Time

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Two teen girls in Georgia are being accused of exploiting and pimping a 14-year old girl.  The women forced the girl to sleep with men at a Motel 6 and America’s Best Value Inn in exchange for money.

A police sergeant says that the girl was estimated to sleep with as many as 15 men in one night at various places throughout Atlanta.

“It’s hard to believe someone would do that to a child, let alone it was two females that were taking her to these hotel rooms,” Conyers Police Sgt. K.D. Moore said.

The two teens responsible for harming the child are Essence Archie and Jadaisha Jackson.

“Jadaisha Jackson and Essence Archie have both been arrested for basically child s*x trafficking,” said Sgt. Sherry Lang of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

The women are accused of drugging up the 14-year old girl, who’d runaway from home.  They used over the counter cough medicine and then went on the Internet to find men to pay to sleep with the girl.

“Essence and Judaica got together and they set up a tagged account and people started calling in and basically they made arrangements for adults to have s*x with the victim,” Lang said.

Police were alerted to the situation after getting a call from a caseworker.

“I’ve been a police officer for about five years now, and this is unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with,” Moore said.

The charges against the women will include trafficking of persons for labor or s*xual servitude, and may also include pimping and aggravated child m*lestation.