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Tamar Braxton Has an Amazing Body Right After Giving Birth to a Baby

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Update:  Below, you can see the original story about Tamar Braxton giving birth to a new baby boy.  Now, she’s bragging and flaunting her new post baby body.  As you can see from the images below, she is looking GREAT.   We know that most wealthy celebs have the things that most of us can’t afford, like the trainer kicking your butt and the dietitian watching everything you eat.  But does that mean that the rest of us can’t do it?  Being healthy is a choice that we can all make by simply putting down the cheeseburgers and making sure that we exercise every day.

Tamar’s “Love and War” album debuted at #1 on the R&B charts, so her career is going very well.  This is surely in part due to her music industry husband, who makes sure that she gets the best help when she goes into the recording booth.

Watch her below in the video “All the Way Home” to see just how great she looks.

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“I’m just so surprised,” she said. “I just wanted to start off by thanking God and thanking everyone who supports me and believes in my music and takes me serious as an artist, because that’s who I am. I just want to thank my fabulous family … my fantastically beat to death sisters and my husband Vincent Herbert.”

Here is the original story about Tamar giving birth with her baby, in case you weren’t in the loop.  Her awesome new video is below as well:

Congratulations to Tamar Braxton.  Tamar, alongside her husband, Vincet Herbert, are now proud parents of a bouncing baby boy.  The couple alerted the world via Twitter this week, showing a picture of the baby along with teddy bears and balloons.

“He’s here!” Tamar said.

The parents haven’t given out any additional information, including the name of the child.   The 36-year old Braxton announced the news of her pregnancy during an appearance on Good Morning America.   The couple held their baby shower at an exclusive hotel in Beverly Hills.

“I have a lot of energy. I’m always upbeat and everyone has to tell me to sit down somewhere,” she said after having the baby. “But I feel amazing!”

Tamar said that she craved potato chips while pregnant.  She also says that she got regular advice on parenting from her siblings.

“I think the one that sticks out the most is be the best mom you can be and always focus on your family first,” Braxton said.

Tamar’s husband, who is 43-years old, said that he is “elated” to finally have kids.  The two were married back in 2008 and seem to be going strong.

“I’m looking forward to just love her more and being a great father to her child,” he said.