Sasha Obama? Is That You? Sasha’s Outfit Gets Criticized for Being Too Revealing

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Yes, that’s the president’s daughter, Sasha Obama, looking like she’s on her way to the neighborhood Twerk-off.  Is this too revealing for a 12-year old?  Some are saying that it is.  Sasha was seen in the Soho section of New York city with her mother, sister and their security team.

It was hot as heck out there, but you have to still stop and wonder what the president and first lady were thinking with this outfit.  A lot of grown women wouldn’t dress this way. The blogosphere of course has a lot to say about the matter, with a lot of concerned mothers wondering  just what it is that the whole world is getting a chance to see.


There was that time when President Obama once said that he considered Beyonce to be a great role model for his girls.  Maybe they are now taking his advice.  This is certainly something that Beyonce would wear, or maybe even the daughter of the rapper Lil Wayne.  But not something you would expect to see on a 12-year old.

Sasha reportedly had a 12-person security detail.  This isn’t surprising, since she might need 12 grown men to protect her from all the other grown men who would be following her up and down the street.  It’s hard for a black woman of any age to dress that way on the streets of New York without getting a lot of unwanted male attention.

What do you think?  Are we being too hard on little (or not so little) Sasha?  Would you allow your 12-year old to dress this way and does it send a message to the boys to “come and get it?”