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Now He Goes to Jail: Adult Film Star Arrested for Spreading Syphillis on the Job

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You might recall a big scare in the adult film industry last fall.  The industry as shut down as a result, since the safety of workers was severely affected.   It also led to calls that all employees starring in these films start using protection, since they are also putting public health at risk.

There has been a new development in the story.  “Mr. Marcus,” a 19-year vet in the industry, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly exposing syphilis to his co-workers.

Mr. Marcus, whose real name is Jesse Spencer, found out about his bacterial infection in advance, but hid his test results so that he could keep making money performing.  This leads some to wonder how often this happens in the industry.

He pleaded no-contest to the allegations against him, and was also given 36 months of probation, along with 15 days of community service.   We just hope he isn’t working with kids and that he washes his hands after going to the bathroom.  Just kidding; not really.

After the little incident last August, the industry had a 10 day moratorium, where 1,000 workers were tested and given preventative antibiotics.  A total of nine stars got syphilis during the outbreak.

“I tried to cover it up…because I said it was like the scarlet letter. It’s the word. Syphilis, whoa,” said Marcus.

When the doctor gave Mr. Marcus his shot, he was told that he would be contagious for 10 days.  So, he came back to work on the 11th day, still infected.  Instead of showing a paper copy of the test results, he showed the producer a copy on his phone, where the results would not be legible.  This shows us just how meticulous the industry is when it comes to investigating the health of its workers.

Mr. Marcus said this on Twitter: “You can be disappointed, but don’t throw stones. Some of you are living in glass houses.”

Just so you know, there is a 90-day incubation period for the disease.  So, a person could be carrying it without it showing up on tests for quite a long time.  It was also reported that labs where industry stars are tested don’t actually look for syphilis.  Sadly, African Americans have the greatest rate of infection of most STDs, so be careful about what you allow into your bedroom.  You should at least ensure that you see recent test results for several STDs before sleeping with someone.  Mr. Marcus is not the only one.