Kelis On Ex-Husband Nas: ‘I Don’t Want Him Back at All’

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Singer Kelis discusses divorcing ex-husband Nas and not wanting him back.


Singer Kelis doesn’t seem to be a fan of suffering in silence. One can assume the lyrics in the singer’s famous song, “Caught Out There,” were sincere then and are still very sincere today. In the song, she slams her boyfriend for cheating on her with another girl and screams “I hate you so much right now!” throughout the song. When she and iconic rapper Nas divorced in 2009, the former lovers had a nasty back and forth regarding child support payments for their son.

Nas’ most recent album titled ‘Life Is Good,’ features songs candidly discussing the divorce. When asked the biggest lesson he learned from his divorce during an interview in 2012, the rapper said: “The biggest lesson I learned is respect…trust…no infidelity. I at some point got píssed off during the relationship and strayed. And I wouldn’t do that again. I would be all good.”  This year, the estranged lovers seem to be have a more positive interaction for the sake of their son. “We’re back together as friends. We were not the best of friends for a long time. We’re friends now and that’s what it is,” Nas said during an interview. “We’re not together but we’re friends though. I even said, ‘yo, should we try this again?’ I’m like wow. We had all kinds of talks. You know how that is. We have a child. But we’re friends and I’m glad to be at that place. I don’t want no beef. No beef wit ya mama.

If you were hoping to see the couple make amends, you are holding on to a dream that will probably never come true. During recent interactions with her fans on Twitter, Kelis assured her fans that she has no interest in rekindling a relationship with her ex-husband. “I divorced his cheating behind lol I dont want him at all thank you very much. But thanks for the concern boo,” she replied to a fan. Many people have slammed the singer for being bitter after Nas sufferd a number of financial challenges following their divorce, but she let one fan know that she’s unfazed by her critics. “Couldn’t care less love. The truth is the truth. Everything else is just hot air ;),” the singer tweeted.

Do you believe Kelis is bitter following her divorce from Nas?