John McCain’s Son Marries a Beautiful Black Woman

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Jack McCain married African-American woman Renee Swift.


Although a number of Republicans are revered as racist bigots, surprisingly, they have a bit of diversity in their own family. Republican presidential candidate of 2008, John McCain, just celebrated an interracial union between his son Jack McCain, 27, and Renee Swift, 29.  McCain is a lieutenant in the Navy and serves as a helicopter pilot and is stationed in Guam. Swift is a captain in the USAF reserve. The lovebirds met in Guam.

McCain’s sister, Meghan McCain, 28, was filled with excitement (and alcohol) as she tweeted about her little brother’s wedding before, during, and after it was over. The wedding took place this past weekend at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, with the reception following at the California Academy of Sciences. Although the Washington Post reported that 2012 presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney attended Jack McCain’s wedding shower, it didn’t get more “star-studded” than that. Jack’s sister Meghan McCain wished a certain celebrity had been in attendance. “Loving all the wedding crashers jokes regarding my brothers wedding…but no, unfortunately I didn’t end up going home with Vince Vaughn,” she jested via Twitter on Sunday evening.

The newlyweds are planning to honeymoon in Africa, after which John McCain is slated for deployment. John McCain, his wife, and all of their children were in attendance. John isn’t the only notable Republican to have a diverse family. Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter just married a Jamaican-born construction worker in May 2013. Boehner’s son-in-law brought a bit of attention to the family shortly before the wedding when he was arrested for possession of marijuana. Despite the run-in with the law, John Boehner was reportedly ‘looking proudly on‘ as his daughter and son-in-law exchanged vows.

Congratulations to the beautiful couples!