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Is She Evil or Ignorant? Lolo Jones Mocks Rachel Jeantel, Compares Her To Madea

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The country found it good entertainment to make fun of Rachel Jeantel, a young woman who was the star prosecution witness during the trial of George Zimmerman.  Jeantel was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before he died, and was blasted all over national television for hours.

Jeantel was heavily criticized for her testimony, as she came off irritated, unprepared and as a poor reflection of a bad educational system.  She clearly didn’t want to be there.  Some people were annoyed with her, some felt sorry for her, but nearly everyone cringed while watching a woman who looked like a fish out of water.

Sprinter Lolo Jones, who is a regular recipient of the “privileged light skinned” woman criticism, wasn’t very nice, comparing Jeantel to Madea, the star of Tyler Perry’s films.

“Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court,” Jones tweeted.

Jones was attacked for her tweets by those who felt that her remarks were ugly and insensitive.  One tweeter, author Dream Hampton, came right back at Jones, stating, ” How classless of you to mock a young girl who’s experienced trauma your privileged ass will never know  @lolojones

Hampton might want to do some research on Jones, who wasn’t a kid of privilege.  In fact, she might be guilty of stereotyping Jones as some kind of suburban light-skinned princess.  But this is far from the truth.  Jones is a bi-racial child, whose father was in and out of jail.  She spent years stealing food for her younger siblings and actually started running because she had to run across town whenever her father’s car would break down.  She found track and field as her way out of her dire circumstances.

But maybe Jones could have been nicer on the tweet.
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  It was probably uncalled for.