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I Stand with Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

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By Crystal Hayes

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Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis, is my hero today for her one-woman filibuster of sweeping anti-abortion restrictions being rammed through the Texas legislature by Republican lawmakers. To successfully filibuster bill SB5, which threatens to severely restrict access to abortion care, Davis has to talk for 13 hours straight. She cannot lean, drink, eat, stop to go to the bathroom, or sit down. I am so proud of Senator Davis. She  showed up at her state legislature today wearing pink sneakers and tons of determination and courage to stand up to ongoing attempts to bring back the hanger in her state.  Reproductive healthcare and sexual health is a matter of human rights. We need more courageous leaders like Senator Davis with the political will to fight for expanding access to care.  Senator Davis represents the best of our Democracy. For that, she’s my hero!

You can follow the filibuster tonight being live streamed below:


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