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Good Advice? Vivica Fox Says Will Smith Told Her to Become “Colorless”

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Is the world a better place when black people become “colorless?”  At least they end up making a lot more money.  Vivica A. Fox says that among the advice she was given by Will Smith, her co-star in “Independence Day,” is that they should work to become actors that are “colorless,” in that they can appeal to nearly anyone.

“Will Smith told me years ago when we were doing Independence Day to become colorless to people. Yes we are African-American… that is who we are. But when people internationally can love you, trust you deliver a good film, trust you to save the world, it’s a good day,” said Fox.

Does this mean that being black should be an afterthought or deemed irrelevant?   Does this mean that in order for black actors and actresses to succeed, they must find a way to dump their race as a professional liability?  After all, Fox does seem to be saying that if your audience remembers that you’re black, they are less likely to purchase your tickets.

Vivica says that Will has been one of her greatest inspirations and that his status as an international movie star excites her to no end.

“Will has always been my inspiration,” Fox said. “To see this man become an international box office, absolutely one of the #1 earning box office movie stars has just been amazing for me.”